In the throes of death

01 March 2010 3 comments
I watched a fly die this afternoon.

I was trying to read a book in the Seminary commons, but a persistent and sporadic buzzing kept distracting me. I looked over to see a fly on its back, about 10 feet from me, buzzing and flailing its little fly legs. It couldn't aright itself. It couldn't fly. It couldn't move. Then it quit struggling, and I thought that was surely the last of the fly. I sort of mourned its death and thought again about the transience of life and what it must be like to be in the last moments of life before death comes...

I returned to my book and shortly thereafter the buzzing started again. This time I cared less about the stupid fly and just wanted to be left to read my book in peace. It buzzed, it flailed, it ceased, it died. And I enjoyed the quiet.


  • Nicholas said...

    In the night I hear 'em talk,
    The coldest story ever told,
    Somewhere far along this road
    He lost his soul
    To a woman so heartless...
    How could you be so heartless... oh
    How could you be so heartless?

    Kanye West poses an important question to you.

  • Miss Jehle said...

    Your new blog layout prompted me to click on "about." I shouldn't have been surprised to find that you like A Separate Peace... it's one of my top five favorite books :)

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