13 April 2012 8 comments

I'm so broke, you guys. I'm trying to figure out how to make money since I'm about maxed out with the number of hours I'm working. So... any ideas?

Should I make stuff? Sell my possessions? Hire myself out to an internet spammer?

Give me your best ideas for making dough. I'll take your suggestions below.


  • Jackie Torres said...

    Care.com has postings for local people looking for pet sitters, taking elderly to doctor's appointments or run errands, etc.

    If I had a million dollars I'd pay you for being so awesome. Unfortunately, I'm completely broke too.

  • Matthew Smith said...

    You need to figure out a way to harness your thinking and thoughts... You're super smart, and learning is what you love to do, so what pays big bucks for someone to learn something? Hmmm...

    While you're figuring that out, I think you should come up with something simple and sell it on Etsy.com!

  • Anthony said...

    Get sponsored by some sports drink or clothing company. (Not a very good idea...)
    Is there any way that you can cut expenses? Find cheaper accommodations, shop cheaply, sell a car, budget, etc.

  • kessia reyne said...

    Thanks for all the good suggestions, guys! I might do all of those things.

    I just heard on the radio that surrogate mothers get paid between $20,000 and $25,000! ;)

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