Never More Loved

01 October 2013 5 comments
I never feel more loved than when it is very late and I open the door and walk lightly over the floor and lift the cool, white blanket and put myself into bed and find his leg there––on my side, where it should be––

and at the touch of my four fingers on his back, he envelopes me: an arm, a leg cast over me, pulls me into him, his forehead against my hair, his breath against my neck, arms enfolding.

I never feel more loved that when he loves me sleeping, still sleeping, because it tells me that he loves me deep. Down where the muscle meets memory he loves me.


  • Harmony said...

    I love this so much. It was the last thing I read before bed last night, and it sent me to sleep with a smile stretching from my face to the deep places of my heart. You so aptly described that to which I've never tried to put words, and reading your last small paragraph in particular really ministered to my heart. Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us, Kessia.

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